Let’s Go!

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Upstate Meadow © Mark Bordeaux, Jr.

It’s easier to go down a hill than up it but the view is much better at the top. – Henry Ward Beecher

For those who are willing to climb with Him, Christ offers an intimacy that those who choose to remain in the valley will never know. Perhaps you are ready for a challenge. Maybe you are tired of the old scenery. It could be that you have heard stories from other “climbers” and long to climb with Jesus as well. Whatever God is using to cultivate your appetite for the adventure of “climbing” with Him I want to encourage you to get started today.

A documentary called, “Everest – Beyond the Limit” introduces viewers to people who have accepted the challenge to “reach the top.” What many may not realize is that the success of the climb is in large part dependent upon timing. Guides choose the right season, check the weather, and stick to a strict schedule. Your desire to “climb” with Christ came from Him. You must drop what you are doing and follow Him. Your “season” may not come when it is convenient. If we want to be one of Jesus’ “climbing partners” we must be ready to move when He says, “Go!” We cannot stay where we are and consider ourselves followers.

Also, we cannot climb alone. There are times when we need to be alone, but climbing Mt. Everest is not one of them. Neither should we attempt to face the challenges of following Christ without other “climbers.”

Those who are willing to undergo the effort and yes, even the risk, to climb with Christ find a view that changes their entire perspective on life. Remember, the view is worth the climb!

                           “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do                             amazing things among you.”   Joshua 3:5

© Mark Bordeaux

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    Stay the high road! Call me if you want. 214-563-6634.

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